Recruitment is a fast-paced and competitive industry to operate in. So why is Pineapple Recruitment different to every other recruitment agency clogging up your inbox?

We are different because we know the challenges that businesses face when recruiting across a range of roles. Our background is in recruiting customer service and customer care staff, and these roles have some of the highest turnover rates out there. Did you know that UK call centres replace around 20% of their phone agents every year?

That’s a daunting statistic. That means one in five people working in call centre jobs either find new prospects or simply don’t mesh well with the company culture.

As a business, we have experienced rapid growth and strived to produce efficient yet content employees working in customer care, as well as tech, marketing, HR and management. And we succeeded.

How, you ask?

In our previous venture, we overcame the widely-known difficulties of staffing a number of different teams whilst ensuring we maintained our enviable company culture. We were able to nurture a positive environment, and were recipients of a number of awards for this culture. These included the UK Employee Experience Silver Award in 2018, as well as the Best Companies ‘Extraordinary’ three star accreditation in 2019.

We understand that placing candidates is not just about matching the skills and qualifications on someone’s CV with a job description. It’s also about culture and working towards the same goals. That’s why we really get to know our candidates, and have forged strong relationships with local businesses - we want to make sure that we get the fit right first time.

We also know how candidates feel because, you guessed it, we were candidates ourselves! Just about everyone understands how stressful it is to apply for a new job, and anyone working in recruitment can attest to the fact that hiring the right people can be challenging.

We know what we’re doing and we’re confident that we can help you. Whether you’re a business looking for permanent candidates, or an individual trying to find a fulfilling role, you can rest assured that we’ve got the experience and expertise to help.

Contact us today so we can discuss how we can kickstart your career or help your business grow!