Our Story

How Did We Get Here?

From 2012 to 2019 our Management Team ran the high cost short term lender PiggyBank.

PiggyBank was an award winning short term lender, with a widely commended customer care team that was trained to speak with customers over the telephone, through email, live chat, and two-way SMS.

PiggyBank’s customer service agents were highly skilled individuals, offering FCA regulated application and collections support, as well as vulnerable customer care to help those in particular distress.

This customer care team was recognised by awarding bodies for their outstanding levels of customer service, such as at the CICM British Credit Awards. Other areas of the business were also awarded similar accolades, such as the in-house tech team for their exceptional development of a bespoke CRM system.

Throughout PiggyBank’s history, we recruited over 200 members of staff - hiring such a large number of employees in a seven year period ensured that we quickly learned what a great candidate looked like.

We furthermore have expertise in training and auditing new and seasoned candidates, so we understand how to finely tune each employee’s learning experience to become an outstanding company representative.

Knowing training inside out has led us to creating Pineapple Recruitment– so that we could pass our knowledge to candidates and businesses across the UK, and support them with their recruitment needs.

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Our Values

Here at Pineapple Recruitment, we refuse to see candidates as just numbers - we will do our best to find you a suitable role, based on your previous experience, qualifications and future aspirations. As odd as it may sound, we don’t want candidates to continually use our services - we’re here to find you a permanent role where possible.

We have three core values at Pineapple Recruitment, which we never stray from:

The Challenge

The Challenge

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The Solution

The Solution

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Our People

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Dan Ware CEO and Co-Founder

While Dan’s background is primarily in marketing, this has translated well into the recruitment sector, as he understands how to engage with an audience and attract the right people to a site or job listing.

The brands Dan has worked on previously include TablePouncer, Sacla, Havana Club Rum and The Richmond Group. He has also had a strong focus in the financial industry, acting as CEO of award winning businesses DJS (UK) Limited and PiggyBank for seven years.

For Pineapple Recruitment, Dan focuses most of his time on holistic strategic development, along with the growth strategy, of the business.

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Marc Linley General Manager and Co-Founder

Marc has worked in recruitment for many years, most recently acting as the Head of Recruitment and Training for DJS (UK) Limited and PiggyBank, between 2014 and 2019.

In this role, he was responsible for expanding the company’s call centre - when he started, the team was made up of just five people, but within a relatively short period of time, the number reached around sixty.

For Pineapple Recruitment, Marc is the driving force behind the growth and continued development for both clients and candidates.

Photo of Sam Baxter

Sam Baxter Head of Business Relations and HR

Sam has mainly worked within the financial industry throughout his career, starting with a role in a call centre, before working his way up to various positions of senior management, with strong focuses on accounting and human resources.

Sam has outstanding abilities when it comes to developing key partnerships with other organisations, and increasing business relations. He’s completely dedicated to every task he undertakes, and never compromises on quality.

For Pineapple Recruitment, Sam works with businesses to provide support on all candidate, HR and finance queries.

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