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Freelance Copywriter

As a freelance copywriter, you’ll be asked to create pieces of work on a huge variety of subjects and for different audiences. You’ll need to have excellent research and written skills as well as the ability to tailor your copy to the target market. A background in marketing would be preferable, with previous experience writing for other organisations. The successful candidate can expect a competitive salary, with the opportunity to work flexible hours and the option to work remotely.


  • Researching topics and finding reliable sources
  • Creating engaging, high quality blogs, articles and comprehensive guides on a range of topics
  • Keeping a clear focus on SEO, using relevant keywords and phrases


  • Someone with excellent written skills and with the ability to adjust their tone depending on the target audience
  • Strong research skills to ensure you’re able to write about any number of subjects
  • An understanding of SEO and tailoring your content to improve this
  • Previous experience writing copy preferable but not essential
  • An English degree or equivalent can be helpful but not essential


  • An extremely competitive salary, conducted on a pro rata basis
  • The opportunity to get creative and write about a variety of topics
  • Flexible hours - this is the perfect role for someone who’s looking for an additional income around another job or commitments
  • Option to work from home, so no need to commute

The hours for this role can vary, depending on things like seasonality and how much content is produced in house, but candidates can expect a high pro rata salary. We review and consider every submission.

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