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Writing a job description is often difficult, especially if you don’t know a great deal about what the role involves. Understanding the technical skills required for some roles can be challenging!

We have a range of free job description templates that you can use as you wish to help craft your own job specifications.

What is a job description?

Also known as job specifications, or job profiles, a job description is a document that states the requirements, expectations and responsibilities of a job. Job descriptions often also include the company benefits and culture within the business.

How To Write A Great Job Description

Crafting the perfect job description isn’t as easy as some people think. As mentioned, you may not know exactly what the job entails yourself, if it’s a role you’re not familiar with, or if you need to include a few bits of technical jargon! You may not know what SEO or PPC stand for, but anyone applying for a marketing position will.

But don’t panic! Pineapple Recruitment can offer some crucial tips when it comes to writing a job description that stands out from the crowd.

Use a recognisable job title

It’s very tempting to use fun and enticing job titles like “Call Centre Jedi” or “IT Wizard”, but realistically speaking you want people to instantly know what role you’re offering. Use the body of your copy to express your company culture instead.

This will also help when people are searching online for your roles - potential candidates are far less likely to find your job role if it’s titled “HR Rockstar”.

Write out your requirements and duties in lists

Unless you need someone with a really specific skill for a role in your business, it is much easier for people to digest job descriptions if they are in lists. Although that's not to say you should purposefully be vague.

People tend to skim job specifications, so just make sure that you give them all the information they need in a condensed format. Huge blocks of text are likely to be off putting.

Always include the benefits and opportunities

Whether you’re looking to employ a head of department or an intern, you should always include how your business is going to benefit and offer progression for the candidate. Your job description should essentially sell working for your business.

Make it clear that in exchange for their hard work, you can offer great benefits in return, whether that’s career development or fun perks outside of work.

Use current employees to help write your job profiles

The best job descriptions are always a joint effort of the HR team and employees in that particular department. The employees already working in that role will, for obvious reasons, understand the job role better than anyone, and know what’s required for someone to be successful.

Don’t be afraid to ask these employees what they would look for when hiring someone to do their job or a similar role within their department.

Showcase your successes

Make a big point of showing how great your business is, and what it has achieved. That could simply be showing current employee success stories, awards, opportunity to work with big clients etc.

Add in your glassdoor satisfaction rates, or employee testimonials to reinforce why people would be envious of working for you.

How Can Pineapple Recruitment Help?

We will work with you to understand the intricacies of your business and determine exactly what you are looking for in a candidate. This includes helping you create targeted job descriptions that will reach the right candidates for your company, and ensure that they know exactly why they want to work for your business.

If you’d rather not use one of our templates, we can take you through the job description writing process step by step, and make sure that you include everything you want to, in a clear and enticing way! We understand how candidates approach job descriptions, so can help you perfect your process, and attract the best candidates.

For more information on the ways in which you Pineapple Recruitment can help your organisation, simply get in touch with us today - we’d love to hear from you!