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We invest time and effort in ensuring we understand our client’s needs.

Pineapple Recruitment recognises the importance of establishing and managing a positive relationship with their clients.

In response to this, we came up with clear defined commitments to all of our clients.

Our commitments to all our clients:

  • Every candidate is met prior to you interviewing them – Guaranteed
  • Interviews arranged immediately and clear feedback from candidates given within 24 hours
  • Industry leading Guarantee of Satisfaction Agreement
  • An unrivaled cast iron Guarantee on all temporary staff
  • Transparent pricing and fees
  • Candidates that actually match your requirements
  • Honesty in our ability to fill your permanent/temporary vacancies
  • Full job description taken and site visit if applicable

Job Descriptions

Your job description is your initial posting to provide potential candidates with the main duties and responsibilities of the role. It is usually drafted by the person who looks after the selection process for the role. It is important that you get this to pop and really stand out so you can attract the right people.

Why is it so important?

Your job description is what makes you stand out to your applicants. It helps potential applicants determine whether they would be suitable based on their skill set and whether they want to apply based on what you have provided.

It helps you streamline your selection process and helps produce a large number of applicants who are more suitable for your position.

What to include in your Job Description?

  • Title of the role
  • Key responsibilities
  • Skills needed
  • Work environment
  • Perks and rewards
  • Any previous work experience within a similar role

Top 5 things to include in your job description:

  1. The Job Title, Get It Right
  2. Focus on your culture
  3. Begin with a short and sharp overview of the position
  4. Focus on the responsibilities that include development
  5. The Devil is in the detail

What can we do to help you?

Pineapple Recruitment can offer to help take a fresh approach to your job descriptions. We take the time to liaise with you to understand your culture so we can fully understand what type of candidate you need.

We ensure that your description really emphasises your core values and is specifically targeted to your ideal candidates. We will make sure that whatever role you are looking to fill, we provide you with the best possible descriptions to provide you with only the best candidates.

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