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Call centres are an essential part of most businesses. But the role of a call centre agent can vary depending on the type of centre you work in - it could be a customer service role, including technical support, sales, or perhaps research. Regardless of which sort of call centre you work in though, these jobs should help you progress your career in a wide range of industries - within the customer service sector and beyond.

A call centre job can teach employees excellent communication skills, as well as many other transferable skills. You’ll learn about organisation, time management and multitasking, negotiation, and how to work with a variety of software platforms. So whether you’re looking for a flexible role for the time being, or hoping to progress within your career, a call centre job could be the perfect option. 

Is There a High Demand for Call Centre Jobs?

There will always be an extremely high demand for people working in a call centre role. Almost all companies need a customer care or support team, no matter the industry. In order to properly support their customer base, businesses need to offer the option of speaking to a member of the team, to offer advice and resolve any issues. 

There is no doubt that automated systems have become more popular in recent years, and the option to communicate with a business via live chat is becoming the norm. But no automated service can fully replace the experience of speaking to a person on the phone, especially when it comes to more difficult queries. And speaking to someone in a call centre will usually resolve your problem faster than if you were to use live chat, as you won’t have to type out each response. 

One of the best things about call centre roles is their flexibility. Many larger organisations offer 24-hour customer support, so you can often find work in a call centre that fits around other commitments or a second job. And if you’re willing to work during unsociable hours, you should not only get paid more, you will also undoubtedly be in higher demand. 

Call Centre Jobs in Bournemouth

Bournemouth, with its golden beaches and abundance of hotels and lovely accommodation, is known for its tourism industry. This industry involves a lot of customer service positions, but may not always include call centres. But tourism isn’t actually the largest part of Bournemouth’s economy. 

The industry that Bournemouth most relies on in terms of GDP is actually the financial sector. And if you’re looking for a call centre job in Bournemouth, financial institutions are a great place to work. Not only will you learn all the usual transferable skills with call centre work, you can also develop your knowledge of banking, lending and insurance. This in turn can lead to even more exciting opportunities, helping you to progress within the company you work for, or even go on to new pastures. 

There are a large number of financial organisations in Bournemouth offering call centre jobs, but some of the leading employers include:

So if you’re looking for call centre jobs in Bournemouth, simply get in touch with us to find out more. We work with some of the biggest employers in the area, and can help you find a flexible role that’s tailored to your needs. 

Call Centre Jobs in Poole

As with Bournemouth, Poole is known for its tourism industry. But in terms of the local economy, the manufacturing industry is equally important, employing almost a fifth of Poole residents. 

You don’t need any experience in manufacturing to apply for a call centre job within the industry, as you won’t be actually developing the products, but previous experience talking on the phone can be helpful. You’ll undoubtedly pick up product information though, which can often lead to other roles in the business, should you wish to branch out. A lot of people start out working in a call centre, and then move to other departments in the company, such as marketing or research and development, depending on their skill sets and interests. 

Some of the biggest employers in Poole that have substantial manufacturing sites in the area include:

There are also a whole range of other call centre opportunities locally - to learn more about call centre roles in Poole, we’d love to hear from you! Whether you’re looking for a temporary position, or hoping to develop your skills to progress in your career, Pineapple Recruitment can help.