Who hasn’t walked past a Lush store, and been drawn in by the incredible, enticing aromas? For those who’ve resisted this temptation, Lush create fresh, handmade cosmetics, from bath bombs to body sprays. There are also a number of gift options (pre-wrapped, to save you the trouble) and experiences you can buy, such as spa treatments and the Lush HairLab experience. Some of the treatments are only available in certain areas though - make sure you check before booking.

Their headquarters are in Poole, which is also their base for manufacturing. The company was founded By Mark Constatine and Liz Weir in Poole, after creating a number of products for The Body Shop. Since then, Lush has expanded exponentially, with numerous shops within the UK and Europe. They pride themselves with being 100% vegetarian, buying ethically, and fighting against animal testing. There is also a vegan range, from makeup to hair care products - 85% of Lush’s products are vegan.

Lush furthermore aim to have the freshest cosmetics online, and offer handmade and naked packaging. The aim of naked packaging is to reduce plastic waste, which is generally a big concern within the cosmetics industry.

Should you choose to work for Lush, there are many career opportunities available, whether it be on the shop floor or part of the manufacturing process. All employees are a valued part of the team, as the company understands that it’s not just about the product, it’s about the experience. They strive to create an ethical alternative to more chemical filled products, so that their customers can relax in both body and mind.

Lush believes in an ethical approach in everything they do. They are an equal opportunities employer, which is one of the reasons their employees constantly rate them in The Times top 100 companies to work for. Lush acknowledge the fact that there is still a glass ceiling within many industries, and ensure that their wages are determined by the job role, not the gender of the employee.

Other policies Lush have established within the workplace include set working hours - no Lush staff are employed on a zero hour contract. When it comes to wages, all retail staff are paid above minimum wage, regardless of age, sex, nationality or religion.

They employ over 15,000 people in 47 countries, and continue to grow. Lush pride themselves in providing a place of work that gives fun, friendly and hardworking people the chance to excel. You don’t need to have specific experience within the industry, as long as you’re willing to learn and engage with the product and people, you could find your family within Lush.

Lush are able to provide their employees with many benefits, including reductions of up to 50% on products, which can be used either online or instore. They also offer various other benefits, such as performance bonuses, flexible working hours and a Cycle to Work scheme that includes company bicycles. Feedback from past and current employees additionally demonstrates that Lush provides an excellent training program, which allows you to develop and progress within the company.