Here at Pineapple Recruitment, we’re not just experts in recruiting the right people for suitable positions, we also offer consultancy services when it comes to running a contact or call centre.

Within the UK, there are over 300,000 people working in the customer service sector. Considering the fact that there has been a large amount of outsourcing in the industry in recent years, this is a pretty large number of personnel! These employees have a total annual salary of more than £5 billion too, so customer service is certainly not a sector to overlook.

Outsourcing is notorious for being inefficient due to communication issues and language barriers, and due to this, the customer service sector is slowly moving back to local call centres. Within the UK, the number of in-house call centre jobs appears to be rebounding, so now is an extremely exciting time to be involved in the industry.

So how do you ensure that you get the right call centre agents working for your business? The turnover is generally fairly high, which can be frustrating when you invest a lot of time in training candidates.

The proof is in the pudding: a holistic training programme and an efficient recruitment campaign is key to running a well balanced team of customer service agents, who buy into your company culture and are committed to the role.


Pineapple Recruitment has extensive experience in running, staffing and reviewing performance within a contact centre environment. We’re here to provide our proven experience by offering businesses with customer service departments our insights.

We can evaluate all areas of a company's customer service, including the customer care, debt collections, complaints, emails, live chat, and even marketing and development. We can help call centres develop their customer care and operational strategies with clear recommendations for improvement going forward.

We can focus on specific areas of the business such as operational efficiency, the customer experience, or we can provide a general overview for areas of improvement. Regardless of the area of focus, the aim will always be to provide bespoke insight into your business that enables a noticeably improved experience for both your staff and customers.

Our Service

Our service includes training for customer service agents, which not only encompasses best practices for achieving the right outcome for even the most challenging customers, but also methods of arriving at compliant yet outside-of-the-box solutions for customers.

Our experience of developing Supervisors, Team Leaders and also Heads of Department can help you identify, employ and even promote your own people to progress in their career. One of the key things we’ve identified is that giving your employees the tools to improve their skills and job prospects is fundamental to building a thriving call centre culture.

The operating environments for organisations are constantly changing and as a result there is often the need to transform services to meet business requirements. Take the COVID crisis for example, operationally we were able to deploy a fully-functioning contact centre within one working day. On top of this changing landscape is the need to be flexible and swift with recruiting skilled and focused new employees.

At Pineapple Recruitment we can provide specialised highly customised recommendations and impart our tried and tested experience to help improve your business. We can deliver; demand forecasting, resource planning, technology specifications, bespoke training, audits, performance management, and other services to ensure the contact centre is exceeding its objectives.

Although we’re highly skilled within customer service, if you believe you need specific consultancy on how to get better returns from outstanding customer credit, our partners at can help. As a specialist in the debt sale industry, works financial services and direct lenders with the guidance and expertise to better manage their credit portfolios.

Everybody needs a little help or support at times. We know this from experience. At Pineapple recruitment we provide a number of services but are also flexible in our approach. No matter how large or small your need we can support you.

Our Previous Awards & Accolades

Having run several very successful call centres in previous years every member of the Pineapple Recruitment team has contributed towards picking up a number of recognised awards and recognition for both our prosperity and our company culture. Here’s a non-extensive list of some of our past accolades.

Best Companies Accreditation

Best Companies are a well recognised institution that partners with the Sunday Times every year to compile a list of the best workplaces in the UK. We were thrilled to receive the highest accolade as a result of this survey in 2019 - the ‘Extraordinary’ three stars.

Out of all of the UK, our business was 73rd on the list of ‘Best Small Company to Work For’, and within the South West of England, we were voted 8th in the same category.

CICM British Credit Awards

Our contact centre was recognised at the CICM British Credit Awards for its outstanding customer service. Treating customers fairly, regardless of their situation, was at the heart of the company culture and training, so winning the ‘Consumer Call Centre Team of the Year’ award was proof of our hard work to introduce this ethos.

UK Employee Experience Awards - 2018

Our business won a silver award at the UK Employee Experience Awards in recognition of our approach to providing a more efficient, healthier and energised workforce. Our work was commended for its ongoing projects to improve the staff’s wellbeing and create a proactively healthy and upbeat work environment.

Best Business Awards - 2019

The Best Business Awards are open to businesses of all sizes, within any industry, thus the competition can be rather fierce. Our company were incredibly excited to win three awards, which acknowledged the business’s success across the board:

  • Best Customer Focus
  • Best Small to Medium-sized Business
  • Best Information Technology

Team Work

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