Pineapple Recruitment is setting out to build a network of candidates and clients, and we’d love for someone like you to introduce us. We want you to assist us in helping businesses hire better in your local area, which is why we’ll reward you for referring new business to us.

You can earn £50 for every candidate you introduce and we place, and £50 per candidate a business takes on if you introduce a business.

Business networking

How The Affiliate Program Works

Our affiliate program is simple - you could earn a commission in just three easy steps! Not to mention the fact that you could be helping friends and family find a great new role or be instrumental in a local business flourishing. So how does the Pineapple Recruitment affiliate program work?

Become a partner

Simply tell your referrals to mention that they were directed to Pineapple Recruitment by you, and we’ll reward you.

Promote Us

Mention Pineapple Recruitment on your website, social network, or even your blog to get your campaigns rolling.

Earn Commissions

Once we’ve placed a candidate that you’ve referred, we will pay out your commission. It’s as simple as that!

A Few Reasons to Join

Other than being the most vibrant recruiter out there, we believe that Pineapple Recruitment offers something different to most other recruitment agencies. The team at Pineapple Recruitment ensures that hiring new members of staff is easy, enjoyable and more efficient– so we’re an easy sell!

You’re not tied in to a lifetime commitment either - becoming a partner with us can be as simple as just referring one person. If we place your candidate, you’ll earn a commission, regardless of how many other people you’ve referred.

You don’t need a special skill to get started. If you know of any friends or family looking for employment, or you know of a business in need of some expertise in hiring: simply putting in a good word about us can get you earning money.

If you fancy a chat with one of our team get in touch!